Friday, 10 June 2016

A busy 12 months! for the last 12 months, I've been making bridesmaids dresses, make-up bags, printing goody bags, making teddys for flowers girls, invitations and place settings, printing stag and hen t-shirts, acid etching champagne and whiskey glasses, making a ring pillow (drawn thread work!),  making an embroidered 3d card (including hand made paper)... etc!

So I've been creatively busy! Honest!

Now the happy couple are on honeymoon, and I have chance to complete module 4 before Summer School!


  1. Wow Julia! You have been busy. You make me feel lazy in comparison. What lovely memories to have such a beautifully hand-crafted wedding. I love the teddy bear! Look forward to seeing you at Farncombe - not long now!

  2. Thanks Catherine, really excited now. Just trying to finish Module 4 before Summer School x