Saturday, 23 June 2012

Chapter 12 - Finished at last!

Here is my finished bag!

I didn't think I would ever manage to complete it!

I took Sian's advice on the lining, and although I was a little dismayed when she suggested that I should cut the fabric into strips and rearrange, I must admit that it looked amazing,


I finally decided to make the links for the handles from friendly plastic. Sian suggested that I edge the small pieces of plastic with marker pen to define the edges. This gave a lovely irregular, random effect. I think they now look beautifully hand crafted as opposed to the manufactured look that I was originally trying to achieve.



 I used a magnetic catch to fasten the bag. I attached the one side to the body of the bag before attaching the lining, and the other side of the fastener was attached to the bag 'flap' before stitching the silver leather to the end.


I interlined the strap and the 'flap' with two layers of fusible quilters interlining. This gave a little more stability where it was needed, but also maintained a soft, flexible handle. I'm happy that the strap slightly resembles a zebra's mane!


The knotted tassles add a little bit of fun to the bag!




2130 - BACK OF BAG