Monday, 13 October 2014

Module 4 - Chapter 7 - To Apply Paper Pulp to a Woven Fabric Grid

For this exercise, I used cotton rag paper pulp from Art Van Go. I dyed one lot of pulp brown and the other blue. Out of haste, I made the mistake of adding the dye to the vat of pulp, rather than dying the pulp first and although the colour was very strong in the pulp vat, it has dried to very pale colours. I also found the cotton rag pulp to be quite 'clumpy' compared to the recycled coloured ppers from my last paper making session. It resulted in much thicker paper.


I withdrew threads from fabric to form a grid, then held the fabric firmly and dipped it into the vat to form a sheet of paper on top.


A grid was placed onto kitchen cloth, then strips of pulp were place around the edges, trapping the loose withdrawn threads.


A fabric grid was placed onto a sheet of pulp, then thin strips of pulp were layed over the top.


As above


As above but using strips of pasterers scrim.


Loose threads were placed onto a kitchen cloth, then a sheet of pulp was layed over the top.


Loose threads were layered on top of a sheet of pulp. then thin strips of pulp were layed around the edges.


A loosely stitched grid was placed onto a sheet of pulp, then thin strips of pulp were placed around the edg to anchor the edges of the fabric.


As above.


A wire frame was wrapped with threads, then dipped in a pulp vat.


A metal grid dipped into pulp.


'threads' withdrawn from a metal mesh, then dipped into pulp.


Sequin waste dipped into pulp.


Plastic canvas grid dipped into pulp.


A wire frame wrapped with threads and dipped into pulp.


Nylon fruit netting stretched across a wire frame and dipped into pulp.