Monday, 27 June 2016

Module 4 – Evaluation of Assessment Piece

The completed embroidered assessment piece for Module Four is a decorative cube based on the design topic of ‘Media’.

I am extremely happy with the end result. It took a lot of thinking time, re-researching resource ideas, and discussions with Sian at Summer School. I really feel that through perseverance, I learned more about my understanding of the design process in this Module than in any others. I feel that the thinking time paid off and the end result is a very attractive textural structure that signifies the frustration of lost digital media.

The piece is fit for its purpose as a purely decorative embroidered panel, as set out in the assessment criteria, using methods and materials used in the Module, and formed into the shape of a cube structure.

If I were to make the piece again, I would brace the inside to enable the structure to retain its sharp cuboid form. I would also like to experiment with a more random, chaotic, disordered arrangement for the supporting wire, that would probably give the impression that it was erupting from inside the cube.

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