Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Module 3 - Chapter 7 - Simple Button Making


Buttons prepared back in November ready to wrap and decorate.


December was a very demanding month at work, along with making Christmas cards, I was unable to focus my mind on completing the buttons.

On 2nd Jan we flew out to Thailand for a couple of weeks. The holiday was amazing, and long awaited! Disappointingly though, I was unable to find any Thai silk or batik. Perhaps we were staying in the wrong area???

Now I am back, I intend to make a quilt for my sister's wedding. She gets married on 7th March, so I have just 6 weeks to complete the task! I managed to complete all of the patchwork last weekend, so I think the timescale should be manageable.

I have promised myself that I will not loose momentum on chapter 7, so I will be posting in small bites as I go along.

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