Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Module 3 - Chapter 6 - Hand Made Tassles

Yarns, threads and fabric strips chosen from selected colour scheme to make a variety of tassles using hand and machine methods.

A variety of green cotton and synthetic threads, machine stitched in the middle using a wide zig zag to hold the threads together and folded half to form the tassle head. The neck is formed by tightly wound machine thread.

'ORBIT' Lime green and variegated deep red & pink glossy machine embroidery thread, machine stitched flat in the middle and then loosely twisted in a spiral formation around itself.

A selection of novelty threads in magenta and green, twisted to form a cord, then plaited. The top neck was formed with tightly wound green rayon. The cords were then unplaited, before forming the second neck. The cords were then unwound to form the skirt.

torn strips of magenta cotton fabric, knotted together 3 times to form the head, then tightly wound with pink variegated knitting ribbon to form the neck.

A selection of green threads and knitting wools machine zig-zagged together with metallic magenta threads to form a cord. Tied at the neck with the same cord. Loops at top of head trimmed to form crew-cut!


Pink plastic bag cut into strips to form skirt. Tied in a knot to form head. A purple sweetie wrapper is held around the neck with green wire tightly spiralled around the length of the neck and threaded with green beads.

Shimmery lime green, metallic green and variegated yellow/green machine thread. Knotted in the centre to form head, then plaited to form a long neck. An additional knot is tied at the bottom of the plait above the beaded skirt.

A selection of pink cotton, rayon yarns and metallic machine thread, twisted together and folded to form head. Tightly wound with metallic machine thread to form neck, then untwisted to form skirt.

Shimmery lime green, metallic green and variegated yellow/green machine thread, machine zig-zagged together to form cord in centre, then knotted together to form head. Neck tightly wound with magenta metallic machine thread.

Dark red & pink variegated machine thread, knotted together to form head, then wrapped with the same thread to form a long elegant neck.

Violet tappestry thread, lilac metallic machine thread and lace ribbon. A wooden bead is inserted into neck to make it fatter.

Mini tassles made from light pink and light green machine thread, tied around neck of larger tassle with a beaded thread.

Variegated violet machine thread, and magenta metallic thread, machine stitched flat in the middle, then folded to form head. Neck tightly wound with the same thread. Threads were beaded before being wrapped around the card, the loops were left at the bottom of the skirt to hold the beads.

A selection of machine threads and novelty yarns, tied with metallic thread in a simple tassle with 3 necks.

Two shades of green rayon tied into a simple tassle. The head is padded with a silk cocoon, then decoratively stitched with detached buttonhole stitch. The skirt was cropped short to experiment with different proportions, but I feel that this stumpy skirt looks ugly!

A selection of green and magenta textured knitting and tappestry yarns twisted to form a cord, foled to form head, then untwisted to form skirt. The textured nature of the threads made the twisted cord on the head a bit inconspicuous.

Actually the first tassle attempt. Variegated magenta cotton threads tied in a simple tassle.

Pink ribbon and metallic pink machine thread, machine zig-zagged in the centre with violet machine thread and knotted to form head. Skirt left in loops. 


  1. These are just lovely Julia - so inventive.

  2. Fabulous! What lovely luscious juicy colours!! Can't wait to get on to that module.