Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Module 3 - Chapter 7 - Simple Button Making

Wrapped Buttons

Bright green rayon machine thread was wrapped heavily across the centre of the button to give a cross pattern. This was then decorated in the centre with beads.
 This rectangular button was wrapped in fabric that had previously been whip stitched and cable stitched.
Two mono-printed triangular buttons were bound together by wrapping with metallic purple and shiny green rayon machine threads in a spiralling pattern.
This circular button was wrapped with fabric heavily decorated with cabled spirals.
 I bought a 'gizmo' some time ago. It makes the most amazingly fine tight metal spring like spirals. I thought it would be fun to wrap this pink mono-printed kite shaped button with some green wire spirals.
This triangular button was wrapped randomly with dark green metallic machine thread.
 This circular button made from dyed silk noil was wrapped in sari silk yarn.
This oval shaped button was covered with silk habotai and wrapped with  beaded pink metallic machine thread.

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  1. Love your buttons Julia and envy your holiday. Glad you had a good time.