Sunday, 17 May 2009

Chapter 4 - Cut and Fold Designs in Coloured Papers

Well, after enjoying the black cut outs so much, I was surprised and frustrated to find that this exercise was really difficult. In preparation, I had cut out a large selection of shapes in different colours, but really struggled to put them together in pleasing arrangements.

After a few hours of experimentation (and after resorting to looking for inspiration on other student's blogs and at Sian's samples) I managed to produce 6 samples. Viewing them the next morning I have to say that I was very pleased and felt they were well worth all the effort.

I made the mistake, however, of showing them off to an artist friend who challenged me to express WHY I liked specific designs! So after a few more hours of soul-searching and analysis I decided that it was because they were all symmetrical and balanced which made them aesthetically pleasing.

No.3 is my favourite. Unlike the others, the colours are 'muddy' and muted. It has the appearance of a harsh rocky texture. The eye is drawn into the focal point at the centre of the design which gives a feeling of depth and perspective.

Designs 1,2 and 5 are made up of simple geometric shapes that are strongly emphasised by the vivid contrast in colour of the paper. 4 and 6 are beautifully intricate, lacy patterns which again are accentuated by the powerful contrast in colour.

Carolyn also quizzed me as to why I was doing the course. After much thought and consideration I decided that it was for personal development. to learn the concept of design and to stretch my boundaries and enable me to feel confident to develop my own designs from my own inspiration.

Having decided upon this, I realised that I really ought to 'step outside of my comfort zone' and produce a few more 'random' designs. This took a lot more time than the last six. I really struggled, but eventually came up with 3 designs that I found remotely attractive. Although I prefer the previous 6 designs, I feel that the last 3 have more 'personality'. They are unconfined and unpredictable.

I hope that Carolyn reads this and feels bad for the anguish and sleepless night she has caused! lol!

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