Saturday, 28 March 2009


I saw a fascinating program on Sky Arts - Tim Marlow on Picasso. His cubist paintings were fractured images, jumbled and re-assembled - just as we have done with crosses in Chapter 3!

Still Life with Glass & Lemon

Fruit Dish, Bottle & Violin

In contrast to the fractured 'Still Life with Glass & Lemon', 'Fruit Dish, Bottle & Violin' is a collage from abstract forms - torn fragments of paper etc, built back up into visual reality.
Picasso produced many variations on masterpieces where he took work from artist such as Delacroix, Manet and Velazquez, and composed, decomposed and recomposed his own variations using jumbled-up, fractured and interlocking elements (as we have done with the last exercise in chapter 3, 'creating patterns with the new unit'.)

Las Meninas

In this variation of Velazquez's Las Meninas, he painted in monochrome to concentrate on form and space - as I think we're about to do in Chapter 4!

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