Sunday, 1 March 2009

Module 1 Chapter 1

0001 Definitions of crosses & stars

I have been avoiding uploading images as I feel that I should also be adding notes at every stage, however, for Chapter 1, I think that the definitions page is probably sufficient?

0002 Internet Images

After spending 2 whole evenings scouring copies of various magazines looking for images of crosses, cross shapes & patterns, I gave up and did my research on Google images. This was much more successful! I found some very attractive images, particulary in stained glass.

0003 Photographs of cross images

The more I looked, the more I found, at home, at work and in the supermarket. My husband was particularly pleased with the hot cross buns. 77p per pack, 80p for two, and I don't like them!

0004 Rubbings

The results were surprising. Objects like the basketweave pattern on the backof the chair was not so good. Neither was the hessian. The bathroom floor tiles and the bathroom scales that were rubbed in different directions were very pleasing.

0005 Line Drawings

These sketches were fun. I was able to let my imagination run wild. I was particularly please with the 4 legged octupus style image. When I ran out of inspiration, I found some very atractive medieval cross images in clipart.

0006 Colour Wheel

I learned a lot from producing the colour wheel. I was aware of 'opposite colours' for the primary and secondary colours, but the tertiary colours were exciting, especially when producing the shades and tints.

0007 Rejected star images

I chose to study crosses as the assortment of images I found were more varied and diverse than the star shapes.

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