Saturday, 21 March 2009

Chapter 3 Design Development Based on Cross Shape

A delightful square shape emerged in the cenre of the positive and negative crosses. I wanted to experiment with these further on the computer.

I tried using tights in an embroidery frame for the asymmetrical distortion, with little success. I tried stretching the designs on the computer, but that seemed to distort the whole shape as opposed to just half, in order to acheive the asymmetry. I researched the fibonacci series, I think I basically understand how the mathematical pattern (1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc) relates to the distortion and 'stretch', but this was all spoiling my fun, and after hours of experimentation I decided that sketching and guesswork gave a much better result! I found a book on Amazon called 'The Secret Code - The Mysterious Formula that Rules Art, Nature and Science' by Priya Hemenway - fortunately it was out of stock! lol!

It was quite difficult to select a cross that would work with the design idea I was working on.
I think I spent far too long over this exercise, however I learned a lot from it.
I tried to keep an open mind, following instructions, not knowing where the path would take me, and in doing so, some very interesting paterns and shapes emerged. I was often tempted to 'see an idea and run with it', but in doing so I would have missed out on the exploration of different possibilities.

I saw an interesting circular pattern developing within the 'repeat pattern using change of scale' when looked back at the previous page, and felt this would be suitable for the next set of exercises.

Further experimentation and adaptation of shapes and patterns on computer - noting the interesting 'negative' detail that emerges when putting shapes together.

The amount of patterns I was able to create with the new unit were surprisingly endless. I particularly liked the overlapping clusters that resembled flower shapes.There was an interesting negative 'zig- zag and criss-cross' pattern developing in the edge to edge pattern, and the symmetrical shape had a new cross shape emerging, made from rectangles.

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