Sunday, 11 May 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 11 - Composite Sheet with Completed Accessory, FINAL STAGE!

A fit of rage, or a moment of genius!

With my husband out playing golf, I was home alone all day, consequently, today my task was to complete my hat. So after putting my third load of washing in the machine, having already vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, washed up & put away(!) I sat with my floppy brim in front of me and began threading wire through the holes (henceforth known as trellis), twisting and spiralling as I went along.

The spirals were angular and ugly, and the wire still didn’t hold the brim, so I took it out, ironed my brim flat, found some round objects to spiral the wire around, and tried again. And again! Each time I tried, my brim became crumpled as the original cord was made with wire running through it. For the third time, I pulled out the wire. I am usually quite a calm person, who thinks things through rationally and works things out by avoidance and procrastination, but I screwed up the brim in a tantrum.

I skulked into the kitchen for a cup of tea, and hung out some more washing.

When I walked back into my workroom and looked at my hat, I was amazed by the wonderful scrunched ripples and folds in the ‘trellis’ and thought it would be an excellent idea to make a feature of this….. so I stitched and corded some more wire

Thank you to all the lovely people who donated wire to my ‘Great Matter’. It has been an epic journey. Everyone has been so generous in their support, advice and enthusiastic guidance, Especially Claire Muir, who suggested strengthening the brim with wire, and thanks also to Mary-Anne Morrison who suggested the Philip Treacy option, and whose magnificent spiralled hats and fascinators gave me the idea for the ’ tendrils’ spiralling in and out of the ‘trellis’.

Only my dad’s cleaning lady laughed at my efforts. You wait till you want to borrow it, Rachael! That’s all I can say!








  1. It look absolutely fantastic Julia, well done. The extra corded wire looks brilliant and links it all together. I really don't think you ought to let your Dad's cleaner borrow it after she laughed at it. Tell her she will regret her reaction when your name is known by everybody all over the world:-)

  2. Eek! It's finished! Wow and double wow! Worth all that angst Julia. I love it - it's completely mad!

  3. Absolutely stunning! You'll now have to make the bag and shoes to match........

  4. Wow! Your hat is absolutely fabulous Julia! It looked great before, but the spiraling tendrils just lift it to another dimension. What a stupendous, completely unique creation! You must be very proud of it.

  5. Your hat looks absolutely stunning Julia. Are you going to bring it to Summer School?

    1. Thanks everyone, yes Pascale, more than likely. I guess Sian will ask us to take our latest work to display?