Monday, 21 April 2014

Module 3 - Chapter 11 - Composite Sheet with Completed Accessory, STAGE 3!

I continued to stitch lengths of cord around the side and the back of the hat, adding flowers around the front and left hand side. I left a few little 'holes' in the cording to correspond to the holes in the brim.

 I then attached the spiral topper to the crown of the hat, stitching by hand between the cords so that the thread could not be seen.


As I anticipated, the brim 'flopped' as the wire was not strong enough to hold itself erect.

I experimented with the brim falling down at the back...

 ...and a Philip Treacy version with the brim at the front!

 I will now experiment further with the brim to the left as per my original design, but strengthening the brim with additional wire 'tendrils' and flowers. I feel that this will also help to unify the brim with the hat.


  1. Julia your hat is absolutely fantastic - you must be thrilled with the result. I have enjoyed watching its progress - it really has the wow factor!

  2. Progress! I love the way you've applied cord to a base to create the structure. The Philip Treacy "homage" actually works but I hope you manage to get the result you are aiming for. Fab. See you next week at Group.

  3. Wow! I love your hat Julia, it's just fabulous.