Saturday, 15 September 2012

Module 3 - Chapter 4 - Decorate with Stitchery


 Lots of small, densley stitched spirals using a simple straight stitch. Without a hoop, the stitches pulled the fabric creating an interesting gathered surface, much like Indian Kantha work. I experimented with a variegated threads in colours analoguous to the colour of the fabric.
One large spiral, starting at the middle, each time with a different colour.
The first row of blanket stitch used two threads -a silk thread, and a metallic thread in the needle.
The second was a row of simple running stitch in variegated thread.
The third row was a selection of five different colours and textures of thread all couched down together.
The forth row was mauve/green variegated running stitch.
The fifth row was a pink/green variegated chain stitch.
The sixth row was a pale pink (tint) running stitch.
The seventh was a row of mauve (shade) french knots.

Threads in various contrasting and harmonious shades and tints, couched in lines of spirals like telephone wires.
Open spirals in various contrasting and harmonius shades and tints in blanket stitch, overlapped to create a sort of spiralling network.


Lots of small, densely stitched spirals in variegated thread using cable stitch.

 One large continuous spiral, starting in the middle, each time with a different colour.
The first row was a thick variegated thread wound onto the bobbin and stitched from behind using cable stitch.
The second row was a metallic thread wound onto the bobbin.
The third row was whip stitch, The machine running very fast and the fabric moving very slowly to create a densely raised row of loops.
The forth row was zig zagged whip stitch with two threads in the bobbin - one variegated and the other metallic.
The fifth row used two contrasting threads in the needle (using a top stitch needle and a slightly looser top tension).
The sixth was another row of whip stitch spirals, this time in anologuous variegated thread.
The seventh was a thick variegated thread wound onto the bobbin and stitched from the back using cable stitch and a metallic thread through the needle. (frustratingly the metallic thread kept breaking.)

Different colours of variegated thread stitched continuous lines of spirals like telephone wires.
Using a thread in the needle similar to the colour of the fabric, I love the way this stitch creates a broken, fractured line of stitches that vary in length depending upon the speed and angle of the movements.
Overlapping spirals creating a spiralling network. I love this sample.
The first layer was rectangular spirals of green metallic and green variegated thread, threaded through the needle together.
The second was a continuous line of overlapping spirals of whip stitch with a variegated pink thread in the bobbin, and a green thread on top.
Finally, one large continuous spiral in thick variegated pink thread was wound onto the bobbin and stitched from behind using cable stitch.


  1. I really like these samples, especially the first and last ones.

  2. Loving your colours Julia! I particularly like your first sample - simple but very effective. You are really getting into your stride with this module.