Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Module 3 - Chapter 3 - Fabrics and Threads

My colour scheme, as chosen in Chapter 2, is Magenta & Lime.

A collection of beads, sequins, fabrics and threads that I already had in my 'stash'.


Purchases from the Festival of Quilts at the NEC. Threads, beads and buttons in magenta and lime, plus plain fabrics and threads to dye.


I collected a selection of buttons, curtain hooks, tile spacers, washers, matchsticks etc that I thought might make interesting embellishments. I put these into a jar with a small amount of magenta acrylic paint, and gave it a good shake. The result was very pleasing!

I set aside an entire day to dye my fabric and threads. At 9am I started to prepare the soda, salt and dye mixtures. I used turquoise and lemon yellow to achieve lime green and a citrus greeny yellow. I tried to mix a darker shade of green, but only achieved an ugly mid green, so used avocado as a darker shade of lime.

For the pinks, I used scarlet, fire engine red, magenta and marine violet.

The threads were a selection of silks, cottons, rayon floss and string.

The fabrics were cotton (pfd), cotton voile, silk dupion, habotai, noil, and linen and were all cut to approximately 'fat quater' size.



 'pink and green mixtures' mostly random dyed. Top row centre, and bottom row left were dip dyed.


12 hours later, I was still ironing my fabrics dry, but have never enjoyed ironing so much before! I was exhausted, having spent more than 4 hours just rinsing out the dye, but the results were amazingly rewarding!

 Monoprinting was fun. I printed some with one layer, some with two layers, and some with three layers of paint (acrylic mixed with fabric textile printing binder).


  1. What a fantastic collection.I love your colour choice.

  2. Mmmmm! Mouthwatering colours. I love them!