Saturday, 21 July 2012

Evaluation of Funtional 3D Embroidered Item

The completed embroidered assessment piece for Module Two is a zebra inspired bag based on the design topic of tone and animal markings.

How do you feel about the resulting conclusion?

I am extremely happy with the bag. I feel that I carried out each process to the best of my ability, from design to pre-production and experimental samples which helped to eliminate any potential construction problems.
I learned a lot of processes throughout the module, many of which were utilised in the construction of the bag, which made it a very exciting process.
I think the bag is very attractive and I will be proud to carry it.

Is it fit for its purpose - give reasons?

As a final assessment peice for Module Two, it is fit for its purpose as its design is based on zebra markings. It uses fabrics contrasting in both light and dark tones.
As a bag, it is funtional, quite strong, and large enough to carry a number of items.

If you were asked to make it again, what changes would you make to the way you designed it and the way you made it?

If I were to make the bag again, I would probably include a zip closure.
I would also probably rethink the tassles at the ends of the bag. In retrospect, I think they were probably rushed as they were the final stage, and lacked the attention and planning that the rest of the bag received. I would have probably stitched some tassles, frayed some, and varied the lengths making them more of a dramatic feature.


  1. Well done - and I love the bag!

    1. Thanks Viv,
      Onward & upward! Have you started Module 3 yet? The race is on!

  2. Indeed - just starting - been missing you at Urchfont - will you be trying the new venue for '13?

    1. Yes, its much closer to home. I had a really fun time at Urchfont and wish I had been able to visit more often. I would have loved to have done the Sandra Meech workshop.