Monday, 19 September 2011

Linda Miller

I was really excited to be doing a workshop with Linda Miller and the Wolverhampton ladies, but struggled with my promise to myself to keep everything within my Module 2 theme. After the African influence of the Mary Sleigh meeting, however, it occurred to me that I could do a zebra, with its lovely stripes, and keep to the theme of black, white and rusty coloured (bleached black!), whilst practicing my machine embroidery!

From the dark woods that breathe of  fallen showers,
Harnessed with levels rays in golden reins,
The zebras draw the dawn across the plains
Wading knee-deep among the scarlet flowers.
We had a lovely day. Linda is a really nice tutor. Very friendly, encouraging and helpful. Everybody ended up with excellent results.

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  1. Lovely machine embroidery Julia! Blogger won't let us zoom in properly now, but as far as I can see, you have used the direction of the stitches beautifully to show the form of the zebra.