Saturday, 24 September 2011

Chapter 10 - Piecing - A Method of Cutting and Seaming

The exercise was caried out in paper first. This gave better insight into what I was trying to achieve and the problems I might face when working with fabric. I was able to experiment with ideas and find out what worked, and what didn't.

 For the fabric sample, two lengths of fabric, 15cm x 90 cm were joined, wrong sides together, and the seam was frayed and pressed open.

The second cuts were made vertically, alternate strips were flipped, then the panels were joined, right sides together, and the seams pressed open.

 The third cuts were diagonal, the panels rotated, then joined together, wrong sides together, and the seams pressed to one side.
 Vertical cuts were made through the previous stage, panels were re-arranged and joined right sides together with frayed fabric sewm into the seams.
 Horizontal cuts were made. Panels were re-arranged and staggered. The seams were then decorated with folded triangles.


  1. These look great Julia. They remind me of the "op-art" of the 60s which I imagine you'd be too young to remember! I especially like the last two.

  2. Hi Julia
    These are really lovely. I agree with Catherine, the last two are really excellent. I particularly like the added folded triangles.