Monday, 19 January 2015

Module 4 - Chapter 8 - Stitchery into Paper, last year I was incredibly stuck on this chapter.

The idea was to embroider into the papers with the embedded grids, made in the last chapter, using any type of stitchery. The stitching should echo some feature in the research theme of lettering and media patterns.

...then Christmas got in the way!

Fortunately, inspiration struck in the New Year.

Groups of withdrawn threads were bound with buttonhole stitch to create hotizontal bands of stitch. Straight stitches were worked into the paper borders to extend the pattern.

Herringbone stitch was worked in rows to form blocks of pattern. These blocks were then worked perpendicular to each other, diagonally across the grid.

Fly stitch was worked in groups of 3 and overlapped randomly in blue and black thread.

Metallic gold cretan stitch was worked over a machine stitched grid. Torn strips of black fabric were tied to some of the stitches.

Long legged french knots were worked in varying thicknesses of black, blue and red thread, at right angles over the grid.

Straight stitches of blue rafia were worked into a metal grid in geometric shapes to echo hieroglyphs.

Cross stitch was worked in various sizes using varying thicknesses threads.

Using the sewing machine, threads were cable stitched vertically across the grid. Horizontal rows of blanket stitch were worked in various sizes, thicknesses, and colours of thread.


  1. Oh I love these. You realise you've caught up with me now! I'm still enjoying art classes - hope we can meet up someday?

  2. Thanks Sheila. Anne, get your skate on then missus! Coffee at the Hungry Horse soon?

  3. Fabulous work Julia! You and Carrie between you are making me want to hurry up and get through Module 3 so I can get started on the fun of Module 4. Maybe a pause over Christmas was a good idea, because you are certainly not stuck now!