Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summer School & Zandra Rhodes Spirals!

Sue Dove's workshop at Summer School this year encouraged us to work freely with colour and random images to develop design inspiration. Spirals were an obvious choice of shape to include!

Various froms of printing, monoprinting and stencilling were incorporated into designs alongside cut-out montages of magazine images blended with bands of colour using wax pastels. I was very excited by the zigzag spiral.

A visit to the Zandra Rhodes exhibition in London unearthed an array of spiral design inspiration.

wallpaper designs

more wallpaper designs reproduced using potato prints and paper stencil


beads & sequins


prints (discharge or bleach?)


beaded & sequined panel

epaulette on jacket

decorated rosette

I was amazed to see that Zandra Rhodes had been inspired by my zigzag spiral from Summer School! lol! 


  1. I love the zigzag spiral from Summer School, and some beautiful drawings from the Zandra Rhodes exhibition.

  2. Just logged on and what do I see. Zandra will be very pleased with your drawings - love them!

  3. I love your Zandra Rhodes drawings!

  4. Love your drawings and spirals. Are you going to Malvern this year?