Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chapter 12 - Continued!

... and so I've let myself down again, not, this time, through being lazy or allowing myself to become side-tracked, I genuinely feel that this project is bigger than anticipated! I did, however, promise Sian that I would post on my blog at least once a month, so here goes!

I spent approximately 10 hours gathering stupid little circles to shibori dye the lining for my bag (a nice little job to do whilst sitting with dh pretending to watch telly of an evening - otherwise known as 'quality time!'). This has now been dyed and I am in the process of unpicking the stitching. The result does not look as good as my sample piece - I would guess that this is either because I was dyeing a greater amount of fabric, or because my dye powder is older.


I spent approximately 4 hours printing and stitching the 'white' fabrics, and a further 4 hours piecing the log cabin patchwork design ready to cut out my 'white' panels. I am very proud of the resulting patchwork - it seems a shame to cut into it!


A further 6 hours were spent dying, bleaching and decoratively stitching my 'black' fabrics.


Stitching, cutting, stitching and cutting the crunchy fabric for my 'black' panels took about 4 hours. There is only enough fabric here to cut out the panels for one side of the bag, so am in the process of producing another 2 identical pieces of this, one for the other side of the bag and one for the gusset.


  1. These fabrics are looking wonderful Julia! I love the texture of 2120 and how the stripes seem to pop out.

  2. Such an exciting texture you have achieved in 2120. Can't wait to see the finished bag