Saturday, 11 February 2012

Chapter 12 - Ideas for Designing a Functional, Three Dimentional Embroidered Item

Stage 1

A selection of small three dimentional shapes made from calico.

 Stage 2

Based upon animal patterns and shapes researched earlier in the module, and with the idea of using the patchwork and embroidery techniques learned in the previous chapters, I designed the following three dimentional objects that would be fun to make.

I chose to proceed with the bag. Partly due to time constraints, it is relatively small and quite manageable, but also because I feel that it demonstrates and combines a lot of the techniques learned within this module.

The 'mock-up' of the bag was made from decorators lining paper. I found this quite sturdy to work with. The bag can easily be deconstructed so that the panels can be used as paper patterns. (Seam allowances will obviously need to be added). At this point it occurred to me that I would need a gusset between the front and back panels of the bag to give it depth.

Using my decorated papers, I cut out the individual panels that will make up the side sections of the bag. The idea is that these panels would all be cut from a large patchwork block. The darker sections from a seminole patchwork made from dark fabrics, decorated with machine stitching, seams facing inwards. The lighter sections would be cut from a large block of messy, continually cut, and re-seamed fabric with seams facing towards the front. This should create a contrast in texture as well as a cotrast in shade.

I am concerned about being able to find metal links of the desired size, and the metal 'belt tip' for the flap of the bag. I am considering the possibility of decorating the end of the flap with silver leather, and making the links for the strap from wood (painted in silver), or perhaps from friendly plastic by making a suitable mould.


  1. Ooh - what a great selection of designs. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Fantastic ideas Julia. You are at a really exciting stage now and your ideas are beautiful!

  3. Julia, I'm excited about your designs. The dress according to the Courègestil with your collection of fabric and pattern is a stunner