Monday, 25 April 2011

Chapter 8 - Not What it Seams!

 extra fabric inserted into seam and frayed
 the reverse of the previous sample also gives an interesting, much neater 'piped' effect
 a further experiment with 'neat' inside a tatty seam / frayed fabric added to a 'neat' seam / 'neat' inside a tatty seam
 extra fabric frayed, then cut and pieced to experiment with joins
 wider fabric added and heavilt frayed. This could be knotted or beaded to give further interest.
 extra fabric added to seam, then cut into strips, The extra fabric was then cut at an angle, frayed, and machined down. The strips were then pieced together.
 short strips of frayed fabric sewn into seam.
knotted string
 folded triangles of contrasting fabric
 this zip would have had much more impact if it had metal teeth
 tabs; these could have cord running through - see below

 frayed scrim
The top one is decorated with machine stitching, the bottom is different widths of fabric, layered and stitched together.
 twisted & machine zig-zagged,
several fabric strips twisted & machine zig zagged (this was probably too chunky as the zig zag stitch was not quite wide enough to stitch across the twisted strips),
knots in a bunch of fabric strips,
twisted & machine zig zagged, then knotted



  1. Wow Julia, you are really in your element in this module! Your seams are so imaginative and exciting. I love the tab with the cord running through.
    Catherine x

  2. Such lovely stuff - so glad I found your blog. You are about a chapter ahead of me.