Friday, 28 January 2011

Chapter 6 - Further Experiments

 I was very disappointed by my Shibori results. The dye had seeped underneath stitching and threads, and, at best, the colour was a dark blue rather than black. I re-read Sian's instructions, and decided to give it one more try. This time I used Dylon cold water dye.

2058 was wrapped tightly with string, dipped in dye, and microwaved for 4 mins. I am really happy with the depth of black and the resulting pattern!


2059 was stitched in pin-tucks, gathered tightly, dipped in dye and microwaved. I think the stitching was probably too small to enable me to pull the gathers suffuciently tight enough, but even so, it gave a pleasing result.

2060 was stitched in random circles which were gathered tightly and microwave dyed. I think perhaps that the very dark areas were created where the dye powder hadn't quite disolved properly, so creating a concentration of black dye.

2061 was hand stitched in zig zag formation. Gathered tightly, then painted gently on top of the gathers with black dylon dye.

2062. Arashi Shibori, around a plastic drain pipe. Again painted very gently with dye, making sure that the fabric is not saturated with dye,

Moral of my story. A lot of time can be saved by reading Sian's instructions properly before embarking upon an exercise!


  1. These are really smashing!Well done you.

  2. Hope you are pleased with these ones, they are beautifully clear and great patterns.

  3. It is tricky but these are looking good. I also ended up with more denim-looking than black samples. Don't worry.

  4. These are looking really good - I hope I can achieve such striking effects when I get that far!

  5. Julia - The dying didn't really come out black-black for me either, just a pretty, dark blue. Nice, though. Dye also seeped through, etc. Microwaved??? What does that do? I love all the effects you've produced here. Beautiful!