Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chapter 1 - The Study of Tone


from the top:
ink applied with a brush
ink applied with the edge of a piece of card
ink applied with scrunched up paper
ink applied with rubber stamp (from module 1)
ink splattered from a pipette

ink from stamp pad applied with simple 'circles' stamp
ink from stamp pad applied with intricate 'dragonfly' stamp
chalk on black paper
charcoal on white paper
felt tipped pen

felt tipped pen
small pieces of ripped newspaper
small cut shapes of patterned paper
circles from hole punch
wax crayon rubbing from supermarket fruit netting

ink / marker pen / charcoal / pencil on white paper
ink splodges / charcoal / hole punched circles on white paper
charcoal / rubber stamp / torn newspaper on white paper
marker pen / ink applied with scrunched paper / wax rubbing on white paper
chalk / stamp with white acrylic paint / patterned paper on black paper
The exercise forces you to explore the options and possibilities for indicating graduating tone - which are seemingly endless. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to find methods additional to those suggested in the workbook. The rubber stamp I made in Module 1 was very useful.

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