Saturday, 27 June 2009

Saturday 20th June
Embroiderers Guild West Midlands Regional Day

After serving teas and avoiding boring AGM's I spent an enjoyable afternoon shopping for more books, threads and supplies, followed by a hilariously entertaining talk by Jennie Rayment. Amusement aside, I was particularly inspired by her use of calico and fabric manipulation by 'nips, tucks, twiddling and fiddling!'

Thursday 25th June
Hampton Court Palace

Our Guild spent an educational and enjoyable day visiting Hampton Court, the Royal School of Needlework and the Embroiderers Guild museum collection.

We watched as students worked on huge banners for Dover Castle, and then visited a labrynth of storerooms within the Palace that house and preserve the treasured collection of embroideries protected by the Embroiderers Guild.

Followed by a visit to the bookshop.....!

Saturday 27th June
Chapter 6 Revisited

I really didn't like my last aplique design with the buttercups and angelina, but as I'd put so much thought and time into it, I decided to look at it again and decide how it could be improved upon.

In 'real life' the piece is very 'limp', so I took it off the cotton background and layered it onto a violet coloured heavy canvas. I think this gives the piece a lot more stability, with contrast in both colour and texture. I am still disappointed that I used a white nylon chiffon to cover the buttercups, but there is not a lot I can do about that now, other than to serve as a lesson learned. Experience has showed me that darker colours usually seem to display the items underneath to better effect than lighter colours - I don't know why, perhaps it is something to do with light reflection?

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